Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Welcome to all of our new penpals!! We are happy to have you! With summer coming, we are excited to be out of school and ready to relax and enjoy the season! Please remember to give your penpals a holler, and enjoy your summer!!!

We are almost 150 kids strong, momma's list is going strong and we have 4 different countries represented!!! We are working hard to get more friends and making sure that this program is positive and making a good impact on your lives! Making friends for life!!
Love, JL


  1. How D!

    I missed the whole fundraiser thing yesterday! My sooooo bad. Can I still do it or is it to late? Let me know. We have had the stomach flu going through our house. With my heart issues I was really ill myself. I am hoping to send out my Momma Gals a letter this week. I think I will try your method and write one letter and print it off 11 times. I love it. Eliza drew Marlee a pic today. I will get it off with that. Love it and all you do. Thanks for everything.


  2. Melissa, you are ALWAYS welcome to post on your blog or on facebook about the program!! I am soooo sorry you were sick!! Take good care of yourself!! We love you!!!! Love, JL