Monday, August 30, 2010

So Happy To Be Back!

Hello my dear penpal friends! After a nice break for the summer Im back and so excited! Thank you so very much to Amy for taking over for me! Congrats to her and her family on their new addition that will be arriving next year! :)

We have alot of news and things to update. Unfortunately things got a little mixed up during the summer so I have to ask you all to send me an updated list of kids names, ages, address and birthdays please! We will be sending out birthday cards to the penpals from me :) I love mail and letters can you tell?

Please email me at for now... we are in the process of getting the ldspenpals email back up and running. We have alot of new things to do and new service projects and more.

Momma's who want to be on the momma penpal list, please let me know, I am going to be working on getting the momma's group together better. I want to give everyone options on whether they want to write everyone or just a few on the list and I also want to set up a meet and greet chat time soon.

We will still be having only one penpal per person, but please please feel free to write your old penpals, those are great friendships!

At this time, Im finding out where good ole flat stanley is, and getting things rolling with him again, he still has lots of places to go! If you would like on the list please email me! :)

For now, the main focus is on getting everyones addresses, ages, names and birthdays so I can sit down and get everyone all figured out :) It is a perfect time to start doing penpals again with the school year starting and it always seems easier to get into a routine of writing your penpals during the school year!

Once again, Im so incredibly happy to be back and I hope you are all happy to have me back! Its so close to my heart. Thanks so much to Amy again for taking over for me so I could have a big ole break!!!!

With Love,
JL Kaylor