Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Prize Giveaway!!!

We are at 115 penpals!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!
Here is the spring prize giveaway rules!!!
* You must write to your penpal! Send a card, a letter, a picture whatever!
* You must email me and let me know you sent it!!!! ( moms and dads, please help your kids out... we have some AMAZING prizes!!!)

Thats it! Those are the rules!! Starting now until April 30th... I will draw winners then... and there will be alot of winners, as we have alot of cool prizes!!!!!
We have had some issues with penpals not writing each other, so I really thought this would help us all out!!! Grab your pencils, pens, crayons, etc and get to work!!! It will be worth it!!!

( I hope to have something for everyone ;)

Love, JL

ps- please donate your minimum $5.00 or let me know if you can't. with the cost of mailing the prizes and getting the prizes, i need everyones help! Remember, this is a one time donation, you wont be asked to donate more ever again :) Thanks SOOO much to those who have already donated!!! You have helped get Flat Stanley going and more!
Love, JL

Thursday, March 11, 2010


In the short time I have been out of town on a family emergency ( we are talking gone for less than 24 hours...) We have surpassed 100 kids!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! We have four new families and lots of families signed up for flat stanley!
I am so excited! Still waiting for the book of flat stanley, sheesh, but as soon as it comes, he will be headed to the next family!!!!
I am so incredibly excited about our penpal program. I hope that the children are making friends for life!!!
With Love, JL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Welcome to the LDS Penpals Website! Our program is growing fast and we invite you to join in the fun!!!!
As of today, March 09, 2010 we have 99 kids in the program from 4 different countries! EXCITING!!!
Some of the fun projects we have done and are doing, are the Big Back To School Kick Off where the penpals were sent prizes from some pretty neat sponsors! They received lds stationary, regular stationary, pencils that said LDS Penpals and stickers! Some of the kids received ctr rings and pins that said " I am a child of God" :)
We are getting ready to launch a very fun project " Flat Stanley!" you can check out what he is up to on our blog :)
If you'd like to sign up for Flat Stanley send me an email!
I will be adding some fun links to the site like free stationary from the web and fun questions to ask your penpal!
You should be getting a letter in the mail soon, from me :) It will have a surprise in it!
I am so thankful for this program, which was started because I wanted my son Dylan to enjoy writing! I have "met" so many neat families and it is super fun to get mail! We also have a momma's penpal list and that has been going well too!
Check in often! You will get to meet some of our penpal families and get news on whats up in the program!!!!
Feel free to link to our website so that we can have even more friends join us!
With Great Love,
JL Kaylor