Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Prize Giveaway!!!

We are at 115 penpals!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!
Here is the spring prize giveaway rules!!!
* You must write to your penpal! Send a card, a letter, a picture whatever!
* You must email me and let me know you sent it!!!! ( moms and dads, please help your kids out... we have some AMAZING prizes!!!)

Thats it! Those are the rules!! Starting now until April 30th... I will draw winners then... and there will be alot of winners, as we have alot of cool prizes!!!!!
We have had some issues with penpals not writing each other, so I really thought this would help us all out!!! Grab your pencils, pens, crayons, etc and get to work!!! It will be worth it!!!

( I hope to have something for everyone ;)

Love, JL

ps- please donate your minimum $5.00 or let me know if you can't. with the cost of mailing the prizes and getting the prizes, i need everyones help! Remember, this is a one time donation, you wont be asked to donate more ever again :) Thanks SOOO much to those who have already donated!!! You have helped get Flat Stanley going and more!
Love, JL

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  1. Eliza wrote you Sydney even thought she is not her official pen pal anymore. And Elena wants to know is Marlee got her letter? I have written all 12 (11) ladies on the momma pen pal group. I am so dang excited.