Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Drawing Winners!!!!!

First of all, a big shout-out to our sponsor for the prizes, LDS SCRIPTURE ROCK

The lucky families are:

Pearson Family
Hendershot Family
Wingert Family
Mitts Family
Jurgens Family
Mecham Family
Allen Family

WOO HOO!!!! You will be receiving a confirmation email tomorrow, so be ready!!!!
Thanks to all the penpals who wrote their penpals this month!!!! We have alot of neat new projects going on... new families joining daily and we are getting ready to make a difference in the world!!!!!! ( maybe not the world, but defintely some families who need it... hint hint for our new project!)

You guys are going to love the prizes!!! Special thanks again to Jason at LDS Scripture Rock... go check out the website linked above!!!!!

Love, JL


  1. I hope we are the only Pearson family. Whooo Hooooo.


  2. you are the only Pearson family!!!!! its coming soon!!!! :)